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Patio doors and French Doors

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Patio doors

Patio doors are a simple and easy way for you to more easily enjoy your garden space. Formed out of two panels, one fixed and one sliding, they offer you an elegant way to open out your home without worrying about having space inside or out for a hinged door to swing. In addition, equipped with 4 point locking, anti-lift devices and aluminium interlocking, they offer maximum security.

What do our French and patio doors offer?

  • Brighter, more open feel to your room
  • Full security locking for comfort and confidence
  • Maximum security Magnum anti bump, snap, drill and pick lock barrel
  • Smooth, easy use hinges and sliding mechanisms
  • Manufactured from tough, long lasting uPVC
  • Energy efficient designs incorporating excellent insulation

2015-07-16 21:34:23

French doors

Double French doors offer you the ultimate in patio access elegance. Ornate windowed doors allow light in whenever you want it and can be built to open inwards or outwards so that you don’t need to compromise on furniture. With matching side panels and window openings, French doors are the ideal solution for a space too narrow to accept a sliding patio door.

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