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Beautiful and robust – windows for the modern age



Residence 9

What makes a good window?

A window serves quite a few different purposes: it has to keep the warm in, keep the home safe from intruders and look good. On top of this, a good window has to last a long time and be easy to clean. That’s quite a lot to ask, which is why the windows we supply at only sourced from the most well-known suppliers. All of our windows are guaranteed for 10 years.

Visit our showroom to see all the options

Houses have their own unique character, and the wrong window can be a real eyesore: a very traditional looking house with ultra-modern windows can look completely out of place. If you come down to our showroom, you’ll be able to take a look through all of the different options. We’ve got a lot of variety, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your style.

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Get the best advice on windows

Our team are here to help advise you on the best windows for your home. We’ll be able to let you know about the different security and energy efficiency benefits of any given window type. We’ll always be happy to offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can assess how different windows will fit with your budget.

An excellent range of windows for your home. Call us on 01235 811 558