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timber effect foils and joints with equal glass sight lines

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Suffolk Windows – easy to use and maintain

Suffolk windows can turn right through 180 degrees, and this gives them two massive advantages: the ability to let fresh air in better than almost any other type of window, and an ease of cleaning as simple as flipping the panel over. If you live in a high rise apartment or a similar inaccessible place where cleaning is difficult, Suffolk windows are a must-have.

Features of Suffolk windows:

  • Smooth lines of the Chamfered profile
  • Internally glazed for maximum security
  • Grade A and 4 chamber lead free Profile
  • Internally glazed for maximum security
  • A+ Energy rating double glazed units
  • 28mm o/a sealed units
  • 2 open out restrictor points
  • Maxim window handles locking window in night vent position
  • Fully reversible for ease of cleaning from inside the building

2015-07-16 21:01:16

Great for saving space

Suffolk windows aren’t just great for increased airflow and practical cleaning. When you open a Suffolk windows, the entire pane stays outside the building, unlike some other designs where the window comes into the room. This is particularly useful for properties with limited space available.

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